Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic Team

Danuta Domurad

CEO & Founder, Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner Specializing in Quantum Medicine, Facilitator of Introspective Hypnosis, Author & Facilitator of Transformational Therapy Program "Shake Off Your Old Self Changing Tragic To Magic " & PHS (Practitioner of Humanitarian Services)

Helena Kurpis

Acupuncture Therapist

Paul Perri

Tibetian Massage & Reflexology

Mirek Wojcik

Registered Osteopath & RMT

Agnieszka (Agnes) Marczak

Aesthetic Practitioner

Marzena Kozlowska

BMSc Midwifery Faculty, Advanced Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician, Owner &Operator of M.A.K.K. Medical Aesthetics

Emily Miotto

Theta Healing Practitioner

Neeti Atreya

Holistic Nutritionist, Certified BIE Specialist, Iridologist