With our Mission and Passion, we are sharing an awareness about Your own ability to heal by reconnecting to Your Higher Self known as Over Soul, helping you to inner- stand different aspects of your Mind and your Soul, which outside of your physical body, is known as Spirit.

We are all One Consciousness, we are a part of Devine Field known as SuperConscious. We are Sparks of Source-God Consciousness. All is Energy.

Our Mission is to help you  restore your own power to heal self, through realigning your Spirit, by expanding your  Consciousness, expanding your inner knowing & your inner wisdom your ability to recognize truth and truth is light . 

We want to share with you simple principles of healing, techniques of restoring your Crystal Body, restoring your own Merkabah by teaching you the Origins of our History, the knowledge of the Primal Fields of Consciousness  & knowledge about Tangible Structures of the Soul and our Full Human Angelic Potential. We are very Powerful Beings of Light. 

That knowledge also includes Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing techniques, thought by Ashayana Deane. 

The key for that healing is our knowledge about our emotions, our thoughts, the power of our spoken word and power of our actions, our perceptions, beliefs and habits, the inner child aspects of self and the shadow work.

How by releasing old habits, old paradigms, old stories and by simply inner-standing on how Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Words combined together can create the reality, that we desire: great health, great wealth, great relationships, great happiness.

Simply creating Your Heaven on Earth.

We offer advance coaching techniques and Transformational Therapy Program Shake Off Your Old Self Changing Tragic to Magic, quantum resonance and scalar waves to orchestrate fast and miraculous healings, by getting to the root of the problem.

The root  of the problem is Your Soul.

Emotions are pushed to your physical body, creating dis-eases.

We will pint point all imbalances, all dis-eases of the body, stressors and stresses concentrating on solutions. 

Solution Solution Solution!

We integrated state of art quantum technologies, key quantum wellness and holistic coaching tools, high voltage superfoods, plus our exponential knowledge, passion and inner standing to help you achieve your super healthy body, mind & soul.

We are providing exponential education, helping our clients to inner stand their journey while preparing numerology based reading of the Devine Soul Blueprint for the seeking answers and solutions clients.

We are helping them to spread their wings and fly.

We are awakening their True Potential of their Genius Selves.

We integrated practitioners and technologies under one roof, one umbrella offering: quantum biofeedback and magnetic resonance modalities, Scalar Theta Sound Love Frequency, Tera Hz technology,  detox sessions such as: Lectro Chi Ion detox, Colon Hydrotherapy open system Angel of water, sweatonic slimming body wraps with Himalayan salts to help you release toxins, heavy metals, calcium deposits, pesticides etc., colloidal clay detoxes;  Transcendental  meditation, Raindrop Technique Massage with essential oils and Reconnective Healing of Erick Pearl, Tibetan massage with reflexology, crystal healing, Sound Bath healing and more….

Introspective Hypnosis which helps to release *Soul Entrapments which can cause psychosomatic health problems, schizophreidal depression, bi-polar depression, phobia, anxieties, *Soul Attachments and assistance, *Inner Child Healing, *Regression to the Womb, *Past life Regression, *Ericksonian Hypnosis and Role Change Technique.

We also offer holistic nutrition consultations using proven supplements mostly adaptogens and superfoods based on Longevity protocols.

We offer all natural solutions for skin with Venus Freeze technology which is using pulse electro magnetic field and radio frequency first to destroy the old collagen fibers and then the pemf to naturally help produce new collagen and elastin for glowing effect of skin tightening and lifting & cellulite and wrinkle reduction.

We offer Telomers Therapy and other Rejuvenation sessions on Quantum Biofeedback including lip therapies and all spectrum of anti aging treatments. We also offer Microneedling & Skin Imperfections Removal .

We understand that skin, as the largest organ of filtration, is the reflection of how your whole body is performing especially Gut.

Skin reflects the inner stomach lining.

Healing, detoxing and nourishing the body is simply healing the skin.

Reverse Aging From Inside Out.

We are using frequency technologies to recalibrate and rejuvenate the 50 plus trillions of living cells in our body to create new healthy cells and to restore proper voltage.

Voltage means healing.

We also understand the synergy between friendly gut bacteria, minerals, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and our cells. We are an Ecosystem. We have a living Microbiome in our Gut and that stands for 80% of our Immune system. 95% of Serotonin is produced in the Gut.

Everything is Reversible. Cancer is a symptom. Cancer is a parasitic condition of the body together with heavy metal poisonings and acid poisonings which creates anaerobic condition depleting oxygen. we are running on oxygen starvation. 

Our mission is to get to the root of the problem and addressed it, the way nature intended. Healing the soul to miraculously healing the body.

Even the newest research about telomeres and the enzyme telomerase which extends the life spam shows us that feelings of appreciation and love to ourselves and others are the key to stopping the process of aging.

Our Heart is in Coherence with our Mind. our Heart has 42 thousands of sensitive neurites which are impacting the neurons in the brain and then the chemical reactions are impacting the body. Scientist also found mirroring neurons which are acting when we watch films emotionally participating in them.

We have to be very selective of what we watch, what we listen to, what we feel, what is the story of each day? 

Our Mission is to give people simple techniques to shift their life, to empower themselves instantly,  to help them participate in evolving their consciousness which is awareness.

Brain is Mind in action. Universe is Mental. 

The key is to understand about the heart and brain coherence and constantly shift to higher vibrations even if we tend to drift.

Understanding about  how to change the brain vibrations is the key to win Your Game called Life.

The Secret and Magic is to stay is Bliss. 

Remember you can not run from Yourself, You can win Your Game with Yourself allowing others to point out your triggers, your soft spots and then heal them.

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