Paul J. Perri


I am a Canadian certified Reflexologist and my passion for health, healing and spirituality is what drew me to this therapeutic method. I’ve combined formal training and hands-on techniques with years of travel and experiences aboard. The result is a physical and sensory experience that aligns the body, mind and spirit.

I studied to become a Reiki Master while living in Dharamshala in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, and home to the Dali Lama. It was here that I was introduced to and learned the technique of Tibetan pressure point/deep tissue massage.

My passion is sharing holistic practices and knowledge with others, and assisting my clients in relieving stress and tension, improving circulation, and taking strides toward greater health and well-being. ‘Your body is your temple’.

I can create customized therapeutic treatments for your personal health and well-being. I serve multiple locations, including in-clinic, as well as, home visits.