Spiritual Medium

Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives

Helen is gifted with a 3rd generation of Psychic and Mediumship from
her Scottish and Irish Roots and who has the honor of bringing often
changing messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Not only does she
give validations that your loved ones are still with you, she also gives
spiritually based psychic guidance, helping to empower you in finding
your own healing by using your own intuitive gifts.

Helen has spent 16 years working with every modality pertaining to
Energy Healing which also increased her psychic abilities. This then
opened the door and motivated her to pursue professional training
with the top Mediumship School Arthur Findlay College located in the
UK. By following her nudges she knew that she was here to be of
service and share her PASSION.

She has recently received her Certification in Mediumship and
currently for Psychic Forensics by world renowned Psychic Medium
Lisa Williams from the UK. She has also been trained by world
renowned John Holland and Janet Nohavek from New York.
During her readings she says "The souls in the spirit world are
afforded the unique opportunity to tell their friends and family that
they have not disappeared and that love never ends... it's just
different. The souls have a lot to say to their loved ones here in the
physical world and they try to get them to continue their spiritual
journey and also to have them understand the importance of going on
with their lives and lessons, until they are reunited on the other side."

Helen is known for her extraordinary ability to connect with those who
have crossed over to the other side. She delivers highly accurate
messages that may bring closure and are sometimes emotional,
funny, and comforting. She is consistently called upon for Group and
Personal Readings as well as Corporate Events.

"The connection that happens in a reading of messages are amazing
and I love them all. I surrender to Spirit and allow the connections to
happen. It's not about me, it's the gift that I am channeling. The
MAGIC of Giving & Receiving".