What is Introspective Hypnosis Technique?

Introspective Hypnosis is a new-age therapeutic approach that involves using hypnosis to facilitate introspection and self-reflection. In this context, the individual is consciously guided into a relaxation state to help them explore their inner thoughts, emotions and past experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and potential healing or personal growth.

From a speculative standpoint, “introspective hypnosis” is a form of controlled and conscious hypnosis that encourages individuals to explore their inner thoughts, emotions and memories while in a state of utmost relaxation. The coach helps to guide the individual’s attention inward, facilitating a deeper exploration of their subconscious mind, past experiences and beliefs. Listen to our client’s testimonies on how this therapy enabled them to live a worry-free, fulfilled life and break down years of trauma, painful attachments, delusion or phobias.

This is a method that combines Ericksonian Hypnosis technique, enhanced by Spirituality and the dynamics of Forgiveness Therapy to achieve behavioural changes, as well as to receive and resolve psychosomatic answers towards relief to the recipient.  

This therapy can be used to help with behaviours such as: phobias, fears, unexplainable sadness, obesity, bulimia, COD compulsive obsessive disorder, anorexia, low self esteem, insecurities, bio polar depression, allergies and addictions and other psychosomatic unexplainable symptoms or problems. 

The goal is to be able to combine the benefits of introspection with the enhanced receptivity to suggestions that this therapy provides. By accessing the subconscious mind individuals may be more open to gaining insights, resolving inner conflicts or working through personal issues that could contribute to personal growth and healing.


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