Accelerated Wellness Membership

Making the decision to join the Accelerated Wellness Membership Program is a great first step towards setting yourself on the path to complete wellness. At Reverse Aging Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you explore different ways to improve your health.
The first step to Weight Loss and Wellness is to collect information about your body’s inner functionality and that’s why the Accelerated Wellness Program starts with an EIS Full Body Scan. Body systems that are scanned are: respiratory, digestive, urogenital/renal, lymphatic, cardiovascular, spinal, endocrine, and immune (allergy risk, infection risk, ENT risk).  It provides an invaluable baseline from which to start other therapies.
We offer simple solutions and give you direction on how to change your diet, how to bring your body to alkalinity and how to release toxins. We choose superfoods which assist your detox and help to balance your system of any deprived nutrients. We create a series of detox therapies to release toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, parasites, worms, fungus and candida so you can maintain a healthy cells. Long stress is causing cells to defend themseleves and eventually that causes a disease a body not at ease. We choosed the best nano technology products which are assisting in cell selvehealing to restore the proper information network system between them.
We offer Quantum Healing, a synergy of the body mind and spirit. Genes are only a blue prints to produce proteins and they impact our health by only 2-5%, Diet another 5%, Toxicity another 5%. The rest which is 85% its your Mind. Your mental conditioning. That is what you recorded in your mind the moment you were concieved till 6-7 years old and that goes 5 generations down. You create your personality till the age if 35 running a program of your believes( your mom, dad, uncle, grandpa, grandma, other important people in your life, their behaviours and specific events which impacted you).
Your thoughts are creating your reality. Your Thoughts are manifesting everything. Your subconscious mind is running your program in 95% and conscious mind only 5%. You have to reprogram your believe system to change you and your reality. To change your behawior, your emotions, how you react to things. To change your life you have to work on You.
We use Quantum Biofeedback to release stress and stressors, release traumas, depression, phobia, anxiety. We believe in the power of intention. Healing emotions and stress helps us to bring immune system back to a state of equilibrium. You have to participate in the proces by changing you. We help you to heal by offering Crystal Healing, Essential oil therapy-Raindrop. We absolutely assist you in your journey to create a New Believe System which is serving you and your Highest Interest and its good for others involed in it.
Additionally we offer a frequency therapy which includes MRS 2000+pulse magnetic resonanse and Venus Freeze threatments to rejuvenate and lift your skin. Both technologies use a pulse electro-magnetic field to activate the cell membrane for better oxygen absorption so that the mitochondria can perform well producing energy and cells can function properly and rejuvenate to create a healthy system. We are Energy Beings.
The Accelerated Wellness Program includes a 6 (six) Detox & Rejuvenation therapies a 2 (two) Home Use Detox therapies every single month. In the beginning, depending on how the system is performing, you may need more detox sessions.
These therapies were put together in order to help your body to release toxins and rejuvenate every cell in your body. Together with our Kangen Water 9.5 pH, Superfoods, and Quantum Biofeedback, we can help you to achieve a body at ease. You will feel energized and achieve an optimum weight.


Membership Benefits
  • Members save up to 40% off regular price on therapies and services.
  • Members save up to 15% off regular price on products and supplies.
  • Members earn double reward points. Points can be redeemed for Detox & Weight Loss therapies.
  • Membership can be shared with friends and family (initiation fee applies to new members).
  • Membership initiation fee includes EIS Full Body Scan & Consultation.
  • Memberships includes 4 therapies per month.
Membership Includes
Treatment Quantity Interval
EIS Full Body Scan & Consultation 1 Once
Lymphatic Drainage 2 per Month
Ion Detox Foot Bath 2 per Month
MRS Rejuvenation 2 per Month
Home use Clay Bath Detox 2 per Month


Membership Pricing
Membership Can be frozen? Initiation / Person Price Interval
  Monthly Yes $149.99 $99.99 per Month
  3 Months No $149.99 $299.99 Once
  6 Months No $149.99 $599.99 Once


Terms and Conditions
  • Monthly memberships require a Credit Card for recurring charges (minimum term is 3 months).
  • Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time, and must be requested in writing by email or in person to the Reverse Aging Clinic at least 30 days before the next scheduled payment date unless a member is switching to another membership.
  • Service or therapy bookings are subject to advanced reservations and availability.
  • All members are expected to honor our cancellation policy. Member MUST give 12 hour notice during regular business hours to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so, member will lose their booked therapy for the month.
  • Membership privileges cannot be used in conjunction with any other special promotions or programs.
  • Any portion of the membership benefits, rewards, bonuses, services or therapies that are unused within a monthly membership cycle or at the time of the expiry date, is the sole responsibility of the member.
  • Memberships are not refundable, and cannot be changed or modified.
  • Taxes and gratuities are not included in the membership price.