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The founder and practitioner

Danuta Domurad 


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Danuta Domurad started her journey in holistic wellness in 1993 by becoming a weight loss coach with a new concept of cellular nutrition. (Cellular nutrition concept was created to improve cell membrane absorption. Cellular nutrition is a High voltage supplement to improve absorption. When cells are getting oxygen and nutrients the mitochondria activity is improved and they produce energy, cell communication is improved and cells are in growth not in defense. Genes are the blue prints to produce healthy proteins and the environment is impacting this process. Bioactive ingredients , high voltage herbs, fruits, roots, vegetables, seeds and nuts are key components to nourish our cells. Regenerating villi in small intestine and unflagging them from pathogens and toxins to activate vitamins and minerals absorption is the key. That in 1993 was a new concept no one was talking about. People were cutting calories but they were even more depleting the body from nutrients. People were gaining weight because of malnutrition, toxicity and stress. Proper nourishment is one of the key factor.)

In 2006, she was introduced to quantum mechanics and started her journey learning Quantum Biofeedback technology and got her certificate as Quantum Biofeedback Technician. A year after becoming a certified Quantum Biofeedback Technician, she had opened her Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic and has been successfully running it since then.

She understands that maintaining youth is related to reversing processes causing aging which are toxicity and acidity. That emotional, mental, and spiritual toxicities are the main causes of illnesses.

She created a wide array of Integrative sessions under one roof in her Holistic Wellness Clinic to educate and change lives of men and women across the GTA one person at a time.

Danuta is passionate about her work and she is expanding her services into meditation, yoga, and mind reprogramming workshops, as well as crystal healing, superfoods, an organic nutrition bar, tai chi, and qi gong. She is planning to do transformational programs for both men and women to empower them and their families.

  • In 2016 and 2017, Danuta had her spot on Zoomer Radio in a program "From a Woman’s Perspective.”
  • She was sharing her knowledge on polish radio spots in her program "Attention Overweight"
  • Several times she was a guest on polish Tv programs, either being interviewed, or participating in culinary programs sharing her knowledge about clean eating.
  • She was nominated twice: once by the Brilliant Minded Women Organization in the field of Body Mind & Spirit Wellness in 2016 for achievement, and once again by the Polish Chamber of Commerce in 2017 for the business of the year in the field of Wellness.


  • In 2013, she began advanced courses in Biology and Quantum Medicine at the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine to become a doctor, and will be finalizing her diploma this year.
  • Danuta had learned about a synergy of the body, mind, and spirit. She finished all advanced courses with T.Harv Ecker Peak Potentials, 2 levels of Think and Grow Rich institute courses, she learned about PEMF technology in advanced University courses,and she studied EIS electro interstitial body scan technology.
  • She had learned from neuroscientists such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden the biologist, and the pioneer in stem cells, Dr. Bruce Lipton. She learned from Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in regressive hypnosis, from her online educational programs. She has also learned from Dr. Terri Mahoney, and Rob Williams and his “Psych-K technique”, Christie Sheldon and her program “Love and Above”, Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, and at Edgar Cayce’s institute. From them, she learned about epigenetics, the coherence of the heart and brain, mental conditioning, and what to do to change mental programming and healing.
  • In 2006, she was introduced to quantum mechanics and started her journey learning Quantum Biofeedback technology and got her certificate as Quantum Biofeedback Technician

Danuta is constantly educating herself in the field of quantum mechanics and quantum healing.



Holistic Nutritionist

Neeti Atreya

Ph.D., CNP.,R.BIE., DS


Neeti, is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist, Bio-Energetics Healer, Nutritionist and a life-long learner. She was born in India and educated in India, Canada and the US.
Neeti has a successful practice in Mississauga for over 10 years where she helps her clients in their healing journey by adopting a holistic approach to health through high vibrational natural living foods, herbs and botanicals, detoxification and cellular regeneration, bio energetics healing and mindfulness practices.
She focuses on the detoxification and cellular regeneration by raising the body’s energetic vibrations and activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Neeti incorporates a number of natural healing modalities in her practice by creating a system that works amazingly well in bringing the body back to a state of homeostasis. Iridology is used as an additional tool to help assess for areas of the body that need to be strengthened and detoxified. Neeti is a firm believer that when the mind, body and spirit are in balance, total health is the inevitable result. She is passionate about sharing holistic health with families and nurturing the women who then in turn nurture their family.
Neeti has travelled to various countries and served her clients in the US, UK, China, Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, India to achieve highest levels of physiological, mental and emotional health. She has great passion to help people by inspiring them live happier and vibrant lives. She provides ongoing education, individualized detoxification programs, guidance and support her clients needs in a holistic way and help them
make healthy lifestyle changes.

“The natural healing force within us is the greatest force in getting well” ~Hippocrates


Raindrop Technique massage practitioner

Elizabeth M. Desa


Elizabeth is a certified Professional Standard Raindrop Technique Practitioner. She completed her training with Dr. Sabina DeVita at the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies, Brampton, On.


Spiritual crystal healer

Claudia Dale


Rev. Claudia Dale is a spiritual healer who, along with Angelic assistance and intuitive counseling, utilizes unique modalities. The techniques that she uses help to replace old energy patterns, remove the energies of dis-ease, and restores balance by bringing in new energies.  Rev. Claudia uses specially programmed crystals, magnetic energies, and Cell Regeneration crystals to assist with the healings she is guided to give.  Her unique gifts are also used for healing your beloved pets and/or animals. In addition, Rev. Claudia has been given the gift and knowledge to support Ray (Indigo/Crystal) children. Her loving intention is to bring people back to themselves to live a life full of Joy and establishing a Soul connection.

In that light, Rev. Claudia also offers unique individualized Wedding celebrations, Naming celebrations and End of Life celebrations telling  “Your Story”, for it is through celebration that we honour ourselves in Love as well as our spirit.

Rev. Claudia also conducts meditation circles, and teaches healing techniques.

Please note that any information or communication or consultation with Rev. Claudia are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only. Rev. Claudia accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take based on his/her sessions with Rev. Claudia Dale


Yoga and meditation and workshops

Ilona Warda

certified with deepak chopra centre certified soul coach


Ilona Warda has been on the spiritual path for many years and has a passion for assisting others on their journey of healing, transformation and self-discovery. She is a Holistic Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach. She is the founder of Holistic Yoga and Meditation Center.

She facilitates  Workshops and Seminars for Personal Growth, offers Holistic Healing, organizes Wellness Retreats, teaches Meditation and unique style of Yoga to improve Health. She has had the honor of training with many wonderful and inspiring teachers like: Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, founders of the Chopra Center, Denise Linn - author and the founder of Life Transforming Soul Coaching Program  Zen Teachers: Kuam Nam and Mooan Nam and many others.

Ilona is commited to make a difference in people's life by helping them to expand their awereness in the areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Ilona has a unique talent and ability to integrate all the modalities to design the most effective session for each individual or group, according to their needs, goals and health conditions.
She believes that Health, Peace, Happiness can be found internally. Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Coaching and other modalities are helpful to expand the awareness and to make conscious choices to experience more peace, harmony, love, happiness and success in all areas of life.
Ilona is also a co-author of the anthology "Soul Whispers 2" and the book was published in October 2010.


Hatha Yoga

Melanie Pallsca


Involved in the world of yoga since 2010, I continue to be inspired by the teachings that it uncovers within myself and the magical world that surrounds me. I completed my 300 hours Intensive, Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua of March 2018 and am dedicated to keep learning. I am committed to sharing the gift of breath, mindfulness, and peace that yoga has brought in my life, with other people seeking this within themselves. In my spare time I love to figure skate, discover new hiking trails, go camping, spend quality time with family and friends, draw or paint, read, listen to music and travel to new destinations. “Yoga is a lifestyle. It has taught me how to find stillness in my mind, to be able to listen to my heart and has brought me awareness towards what truly matters in my life. Through my practice I continue to learn more about where I belong in this world and to appreciate each step of the journey.”

Moksah Inspired / Hatha Yoga

The series works to stretch, strenghten, and tone muscles while helping to detoxify the body and calm the mind. Practising the series can bring vitality, calm and joy along with the many other benefits.

The standing series, is a cardiovascular set of postures. The focus is on building strength, balance and endurance, using mindful breathing and an evolving sequence of asanas (postures). Asanas are held anywhere from ten seconds to one minute, allowing the skin to sweat and help detoxify the body.

The floor series, works on strengthening the upper body muscles, abdominal muscles, as well as the joints and the spine. Having thoroughly warmed the body in the standing series, the body is ready to open at the hips and spine. The floor series improves posture, relieves tension and helps alleviate lower back pain, as well as pain in the knees, shoulders, neck and hips.

Holistic practitioner and administrative coordinator

Lidia Basinska


Lidia was born in Poland. Her educational background is in psychology and teaching.  At the age of 25 Lidia arrived in Canada to start her new life and career.

The knowledge that she has gained over the past 25 years qualifies her for management, human resources, self-developmental and motivational positions.

People are naturally drawn to her optimistic, kind and generous personality. Within her exudes energy, and warm personality. Lidia is also disciplined, organized and creative... traits which she has obtained over her many years working as manager in sales.

Naturally faced with many different people and personalities, Lidia has become a great listener, whom many describe as empathetic yet demanding and independent.  Her brave attitude helps her take on new opportunities which she develops fruitfully. Not only  is she qualified in a broad range of management and human development positions, she has also recently taken on the point of developing her health in a natural way.  Doing so she has gained skills and knowledge which help different people tackle their own knowledge about healthy eating habits.

Lidia also has a hidden passion... "Fashion".  Her great taste in clothes and shoes is a natural talent. Lidia knows what looks good on someone, and her fashion tips are useful and valuable. She can make your clothes look magically new and trendy.