Tibetan Massage

What is Tibetan Massage?

L”Gyud-Zhi” (the “4 Tantras”)  is a classic Tibetan medical text that describes 6 “external” therapies. One of these is called “Kunyi” (or “Ku Nye”), which literally means “ointment rub” or, as we say, “massage,” but the techniques used in Tibetan massage are more sophisticated than its simple name implies. At Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic we use First grade essential oils additionally to calm the mind for deeper relaxation

Tibetan medicine begins with the premise that we are made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, wind and space. Tibetan massage is primarily concerned with bringing the wind element into balance. A Tibetan massage practitioner achieves this using techniques that are remarkably similar to many other Eastern and Western modalities, including:

This holistic approach to massage reflects the Tibetan medical system, which views the body as not just physical, but energetic and spiritual as well.

The manipulative techniques used in Tibetan massage are familiar to any massage therapist and include rubbing, kneading and stroking. In addition, deep circular motions are applied to acupressure points. The oil used in the massage treatment acts not only as a lubricant, but is said to help hold the wind element in place and assist in smoothing it out. Medicinal mixtures, too, are used in traditional Tibetan massage.

Benefits of Tibetan Massage

Traditionally, Tibetan massage was used to treat a number of “wind” disturbances. Some of these include:

Those who have experienced Tibetan massage for general therapeutic purposes or relaxation report a number of benefits for general health and well being, including:

Healthy in the Inside. Beautiful on the Outside.

It’s time to reclaim your health, your youth and your life. We at Reverse Aging Clinic will work closely with you to help achieve your goals for your inner well being as well as your outer.