• Members save up to 30-40%off regular prices on therapies and services.
  • Members save up to 10% off regular price on some products and supplies.
  • Members can earn reward Points can be redeemed for detox therapies.
  • Membership initiation fee includes EIS Full Body Scan & Quantum Biofeedback session with Holistic Nutrition Coaching $299


Treatment Quantity Interval
EIS Full Body Scan &Quantum Biofeedback 1 Once
Lymphatic Drainage 1 per Month
Ion Detox Foot Bath 1 per Month
MRS Rejuvenation Unlimited (if time is available) per Month
Scalar Sound Frequencies 1 per Month
Or You can buy any therapy or sessions at membership prices for an amount of $99.99


Membership Can be frozen? Initiation / Adult Price Interval
Monthly Yes $299.99 $99.99 per Month
3 Months No $299.99 $299.99 Once
6 Months No $299.99 $599.99 Once


  • Monthly memberships require a Credit Card for recurring charges (minimum term is 3 months).
  • Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time and must be requested in writing by email or in person to the Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic at least 30 days before the next scheduled payment date unless a member is switching to another membership.
  • Service or therapy bookings are subject to advanced reservations and availability.
  • All members are expected to honor our cancellation policy. Member MUST give 24 hour notice during regular business hours to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so, member will lose their booked the particular therapy for the month.
  • Membership privileges cannot be used in conjunction with any other special promotions or programs.
  • Any portion of the membership benefits, rewards, bonuses, services or therapies that are unused within a monthly membership cycle or at the time of the expiry date, is the sole responsibility of the member.
  • Memberships are not refundable and cannot be changed or modified.
  • Taxes and gratuities are not included in the membership price.

Come Join Us!

Join us in building our Wellness Community with a Family Membership. Reverse Aging Family Membership gives you access to our transformational therapies at up to 40% savings per sessions. Complete body detox, Medical Spa Treatments, Life-Altering Classes, Yoga, Meditation and Dynamic Workshops. Our family membership helps you and your loved ones to heal on many levels: physical, mental and emotional, allowing you to get your life back on track. Use your benefits to help yourself and those you care most about.  Empower your life with all that our knowledgeable team has to offer.


monthly fee per family
What’s Included?


initiation fee per adult

This includes a 2.5 hour intake session with an Electro Interstitial Full Body Scan (EIS) and a Quantum Biofeedback session with Holistic Coaching.

During this session we evaluate the different stressors that are negatively impacting the body and throwing it out of balance. We discuss in detail how the body got to this point as well as the steps to wellness to help the body begin to heal. Think of this as your yearly check-up to keep the body running smoothly. You’ll receive a comprehensive report from the EIS full body scan as well as a detailed protocol to guide you on your journey to wellness.