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Spring cleaning; necessary lifestyle changes for longevity. How to live healthy for a long time and enjoy life.

Did you know, that most of your health problems link to a toxic colon and depleted healthy bacteria?

Did you know, that we have 10 times more bacteria, parasites and viruses in our body than we have human cells?

This important ecosystem in our gut is called a microbiome and it is crucial to our health. When this ecosystem is not in balance, our health is in trouble and then the pathogenic bacteria, viruses and worms create septic inflammatory conditions intoxicating and affecting our whole body.

You may try eating well, take supplements in pill form, take probiotics but still experience digestive troubles, constipation (even if you eliminate 1-2 times per day), bad breath etc. not realizing that this is working against you, creating cascading effects with cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system etc.

Without proper elimination the body can poison itself. It’s not only the poor diet, food contaminated with antibiotics and hormones but also with sticky protein called lectins which are found in vegetables called night shades such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, white potatoes, zucchini, beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, cashews, pecans, skins of almonds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, all grains excluding millet, amaranth and ancient grains. There is a way to get around and prepare these legumes and vegetables.  Soak them for at least 24 hours, changing the water and use a pressure cooker to eliminate the sticky proteins to not harm ourselves. That is not the only reason why people are toxic and why they create problems with constipation. People are overusing medication; they are overusing laxatives. It’s easy to pop a pill and feel better right away. This unfortunately is the placebo effect. Our beliefs that the pill will solve our situation. We are the placebo. One of the biggest factors of all which is affecting our cells is our mental and emotional stress. Let’s concentrate on the so-called physical factors which most us can comprehend.

The colon is one of the most important immunological organs in our body. 70-80% of our immune system to be exact. It’s our second, or I should say, first brain and we have 3 brains all together: Colon, Heart and Brain.

The colon directly affects all areas of our body. I mentioned earlier that we have an ecosystem in the gut which is impacted by the environment. The food we eat are creating the environment to make our microbiome happy. When we eat the foods, which are working like a fertilizer called prebiotics, we are creating more balance in our gut and we are increasing the growth of friendly bacteria harmonizing the microbiome. This list of foods include: okra, Jerusalem artichoke, leeks, garlic, cassava, Mexican turnip, yams, chicory, dandelion greens, onions, asparagus, unripe green banana which are rich in resistant starch, greens, barley-rich in beta-glucans, whole oats also rich in beta-glucan to lower the cholesterol and balance sugar level, apples, cocoa beans rich in polyphenols, edible seaweed, ground flaxseeds.

We created, over many years of unhealthy eating habits, an unhealthy colon with many layers of stored fecal masses (which looks like stucco on the walls of the intestines) and created deformations in the colon. Undigested foods especially animal proteins are creating fecal stones. When our diet is very poor, or we are combining foods in the wrong way by eating proteins, carbohydrates or starches together with fruits, that is creating problems with food which is not digested, and that food sits and it rots. Second reason is when our diet is lacking foods called prebiotics and probiotics, which fermented foods have a lot, then we can also create pockets so called diverticulitis. When we have these pockets, infections are common, and they are very dangerous to our health. Some people have so many parasites and worms that this on its own can create a disease.

We are not sick we are toxic, septic, over parasitic, over pathogenic, and are lacking friendly bacteria in our gut which in turn is creating problems for our whole body.

First step to start healing this situation is changing your foods. Changing your lifestyle.

Knowing what to eat, knowing which vegetables are beneficial for us and which are creating leaky gut, blood clots, fungal and candida infections. We know about “night shade plants and vegetables” for hundreds of years and still nobody understands the importance of eliminating this food from our grocery list or learning how to prepare them in a safe way for us. There is a solution. These foods contain lectins and gluten (a lighter form of a lectin). Dairy products are also not good for us as you are feeding the pathogenic bacteria. The only dairy which is safer is goat, sheep or buffalo products, and dairy from Italy, Switzerland and France, where the cows have a different type of casein and are not fed with corn or grains and they are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Second step is to start Colon Hydrotherapy sessions to release the pathogenic bacteria and other pathogens, preferably an open colonic system as this is improving colon hydration. The procedure is very gentle and safe. The system operates on gravity flow, gently softening fecal masses, naturally allowing improvement of peristalsis and releasing all, stored for years, fecal masses, parasites and worms, and undigested foods which are causing rotting and poisonous infections called sepsis. Bad breath is also a result of colon problems. You can feel the difference after one session. Heaviness disappears. Energy is increased. Some peoples weight can change by a few pounds. It’s the weight loss not the inch loss that counts. This is the most important step to start your wellness journey.

Please understand this spring cleaning as home spring cleaning. You can’t put new furniture into a dirty room because it won’t be noticed. Remember, healthy colon = healthy skin. Skin is comparable to our stomach lining, in that, it reflects our colon health. Skin is also called the third kidney. You can camouflage anything, but you can see that your body isn’t performing well when your skin is sagging, has rushes, acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema symptoms etc. because our skin reflects our gut health.

According to Dr. Antony Badzier, with 25 years of studies in this field, a toxic colon leads to many dis-eases. Please remember when you release toxins: pathogenic, from radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, other hazardous to health chemicals, emotions, and stress, you can reverse any dis-ease in your body.

Dr. Otto Warburg got a Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that toxicity and acidity is the main cause of all diseases including so called cancer.

Third step: parasite/ worm/ candida detox. There are many products on the market. Some of them are good, some are not. We can start with black walnut extract, clove oil, artemisia wormwood, activated charcoal, oregano oil and ginger extract or grapefruit seed extract. The important thing is to know which brand is really working. We recommend Unicity products or Young Living essential oils. The Unicity program is very strong and not convenient for very busy individuals who don’t have access to the washroom.

Forth step is Hydration. Hexagonal water called Kangen from Enagic contains molecular hydrogen and that is helping to oxygenate the cells, activate mitochondria and eliminate free radicals. This water, due to 7 or 8 solid titanium covered with gold plates produces water with -600 ORP potential. In Japan this water system is certified as a medical unit and the water is used to help create a healthy colon and healthy cells reversing dis-eases.

Fifth step: after a couple of sessions of colonics and cleaning our gut from pathogenic bacteria, parasites and worms, fecal stones, and gallstones (which may drop from stressed, over many years of bad eating and living habits liver) you are ready to start preparing for Liver Flush. From the very beginning you can prepare with drinking vegetable juices, shots (you can start with warm water) with lemon, ginger, turmeric with certified fresh olive oil, which is extremely rich in polyphenols. MCT oil from coconut is also very effective to release constipation. Another great way is to drink the golden tea with Turmeric, MCT oil and coconut milk. You can always add pure essential oils from Young-Living which have zero preservatives, zero chemicals and they are not diluted. Their 14 plantations take care of the products from the seed to seal. This is a great way to change your toxic environment in the house which has so much hazardous chemicals, into a healthy environment, breathing with pure oils and using them for cleaning, cooking and to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at home. Please remember you decide.

When you take turmeric, raw apple cider vinegar or organic freshly squeezed apple juice you prepare to clean your liver. Our Wellness Clinic has turmeric oil from Blue zone of Okinawa from Enagic, but you can also use milk thistle, Juva flex essential oil with Juva cleanse both from Young-living.

If you would like to educate yourself more about liver health, please read “Amazing liver cleanse” by Andreas Moritz. Our clinic also offers Lectro Chi Ion detox for tissue detoxification. If you have any congestion of toxins, lots of pain, gout issues, arthritis (which is related with acidity and fungal infections) please come and try 3 sessions to see and feel results. This session is amazing to release heavy metal toxicity, pesticides and other chemicals.

We have a lot of solutions as we are solution oriented. Our Quantum Biofeedback device is using harmonic frequencies to recalibrate and reboot the cells, orchestrate the cells self healing abilities and pinpoint all the imbalances that your body is experiencing. We provide holistic nutritional and quantum coaching to help you get your body back to balance.

Please check our website and our new services which include all-natural solutions for the Body Mind and Soul.

Danuta Domurad, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Holistic Wellness Coach


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