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Bettylynn Stoops is a Leader-Teacher influencer who stands in her wisdom, grounded in her power, that is not force, to engage the soul of the reader to consider how to step into their Greatness with gratitude and grace. Bettylynn is a global leader, an author, speaker and workshop leader who stands shoulder to shoulder with those of us who want to make a difference in the world and in life one step at a time.

Making a difference in the world is more than how we think, it is how we show up as life emerges without warning, how we view the possibilities to level up our impact that breeds engagement as we wake up the will and let in the light. Bettylynn has a passion and gift of discernment with a spiritual edge that leads to alleviating suffering through the adoption of peace and grace in how we engage in everyday life. Her executive experience has been called upon to create alignment and productivity among various stakeholders to focus on purpose over preference. This book, Awesomeness Now!, is a journey that uncovers the best in you as a reader that demands you to engage, to reflect and take action with integrity to see all you can be while you live today.

Enhancing Strategic alignment through training, coaching and strategic discussions is applicable to the individual executive, teams of leaders, or those who come together for a common purpose. The capacity to step into difficult conversations or organizational challenges as a Leader-Teacher requires a special skill that gives one the sense of awe and purpose in contribution to success and satisfaction every day. Working as One with leadership is the edge required to turn vision into reality that achieves measurable goals that add value to the entrepreneur, corporation or government institution focused on purposeful engagement that makes a difference in the world of work and life one step at a time.

Bettylynn holds an MBA from Ottawa University School of Business and over 36 years of executive leadership experience specializing in strategic growth leadership in management, leadership and motivation of leaders and staff to transform what is to what can be. Holding certification as an Integral Master CoachTM Bettylynn is trained and qualified to provide coaching services to Executive leaders, Coaches and anyone who finds themselves in need of additional development or alignment of capability with skill development. She is also certified at the PCC (Professional) level of coaching with The International Coaching Federation, ICF and an engaged member (and collaborative speaker) of the Global Leadership Program.

Bettylynn conducts workshops, transformational retreats and creates exclusive opportunities to work with influencers who engage in The Awesomeness Project. Bettylynn is a global citizen currently based in Toronto, Canada.

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Message from Bettylynn

Engagement is one of the most important aspects of community. If we do not have a purpose, we are moving through the motions of work and life to survive in lieu of taking purposeful action. The Leader-Teacher Blueprint activates the soul level of interaction by waking up the will below the surface level of life that ignites passion, compassion and action.

Leader-teachers take responsibility for how they live their lives attuned to what is while envision what can be with patience and influence. They do not wait for others to lead so they may follow at a safe distance, they step up and walk shoulder to shoulder with others who are also committed to make a difference and change the conversation from adversarial to cooperative in a way that all parties are heard and share without judgement or attachment to process.

Leader-teachers know what the difference between non-attachment and becoming detached from an outcome. They practice non-attachment more and more as their power rises. It is not force, nor status that makes a person powerful, it is the ability to stand for their values of truth, faith grounded in integrity.

Leader-teachers open the way to possibilities that revolutionize the way we interact. We can level up to the possibility we dare to dream, speak and commit to with wise hearts and open minds that stay a course with purpose. Be the CEO of your own life!  Become a Leader-teacher.

Praise for Bettylynn's book Awesomeness Now!

I’ve learned a lot in this life thus far, however, Awesomeness Now! is a life lesson that goes well beyond most of what I’ve known. So much of what Bettylynn talks about may have crossed our paths in the past, but she brings a clarity to so many new ways to be the best leader and teacher you can be. Once I finished this book my confidence soared knowing especially how to overcome that pesky voice in my head and the inner critic. If you are looking to be a game changer this is certainly what you need in your life!

Monalisa Johnson

CEO & Executive TV Producer Sierra Productions,

Justice Advocate and TV Personality


Bettylynn’s Leader-Teacher blueprint will invite you to defy self-limiting boundaries and traditional expectations in order to step into your own personal powers. Her teachings are essential for anyone looking to live a life beyond limitations, and her mindful questions throughout help reinforce the importance of the Leader-Teacher mission.

Gregory Douglass

Singer/Songwriter & Creative Business Coach


Awesomeness Now! by Bettylynn Stoops challenges all of us to be the leaders we were created to be and to make a difference wherever we can, wherever we are, by seizing opportunities to step up. She makes it easy to be a Leader-Teacher by speaking to the wisdom of spiritual and leadership principles; she provides challenging exercises and self-evaluation tools, creates mechanisms for breaking out of current limiting benefits/practices to  become a game changer as  a Leader-Teacher. Invest in Awesomeness Now! and really make a difference in your world.

Lynne Peyton

International Speaker and Leadership Coach, Northern Ireland


Awesomeness Now!, written by one of the most experienced and best Leader-Teachers I know – Bettylynn Stoops – gives the perfect blueprint for those who want to make a difference in the world, one step at a time. Awesomeness Now! has given me new fuel and an improved blueprint to shift the medical paradigm and introduce Health Optimizing clinics around the world. Bettylynn, thank you for this gift that provides focused insight that improves outcomes that affect the bottom line of business and life. Awesomeness Now! helps to take both the personal and business focus to a new level of awareness and action with purposeful intention, and influences others to do the same.

Roger Hovland

CEO, HealthTechSciences, Norway

Experienced Top Executive from several Multinational Corporations, International Entrepreneur, Norway