Anh Chu

I tried yoga when I was 16, but always fell asleep in class (as soon as I lied on my back, didn’t even need Savasana), so I stopped. In 2012, undergrad wasn’t doing me well, I came back to yoga and been practicing every day since then. I love being on the mat, practicing and challenging myself with new asanas. I decided to take the teacher training 2 years ago and dived into teaching many active Vinyasa classes. It has been rewarding to see students’ excitement and progress in dynamic challenging classes. But I want to make yoga more accessible to everyone, at any level of fitness or health conditions, so I started teaching some Yin classes and found myself enjoying teaching both styles. I’m committed to creating a safe practice for everyone and I guarantee, “You won’t fall asleep in my class”.

Outside of class, talk to me about ice cream and traveling. If you don’t see me teaching, I’m probably being lost in the mountain somewhere with my gigantic backpack.