Alexandra Larouche

Wellness Practitioner, Nutritonal Consulting

Nutritional Consulting

Connection and nourishment. Two important things when it comes to understand your body and bio-individuality. During an in-depth consultation and intake-form we take the time to connect and cover everything from health history, stress and exercise levels, nutrition, supplementation and over the counter or prescription meditation. I then present you with an individualized protocol in a 30minute follow up for us to go over the protocol and cover any questions you may have. The protocol includes a customized meal plan, lifestyle and supplementation strategy. During our time together, the purpose is to bring the mind, body and soul back into harmony by helping way you eat and live. For individuals who may be experiencing low energy, skin conditions, digestion issues, adrenal fatigue, foggy thinking and those wanting to feel and look great from the inside out! Clients describe our time together as “refreshing and educational,” and report feeling “balanced, nourished, and full of vitality”.


Reiki Energy Healing with Fascial Stretch Therapy (L1)

Reiki is a form of energy work that uses universal life force energy. Fascial stretch therapy is a hands-on modality that uses synchronized breathing with movement to target the entire joint capsules and stretch not only the muscles but also the neuromyofascia. Using these gentle techniques together, allow me to tailor the sessions to the individual’s needs and place the body in parasympathetic state that facilitates a healing environment on all levels – energetic, mental, emotional and physical.  During our session, we utilise breath to ground and connect, universal life force energy to clear the chakras, and Fascial Stretch Therapy to tune the nervous system and release stored tension in the body. Clients describe the session as “deeply relaxing and re-harmonizing to the whole body, mind and soul”. For individuals who want to release physical, emotional or mental stress and blockages, reduce or eliminate discomfort, pain or tightness, increase posture and mobility, and bring the body back home in harmony.