About Zeolite

  • Offering 3 new products to help support detoxification: Zeolite, Zeolite DX and Zeo Detox 

  • Absorbing and removing environmental contaminants from your body. 

  • Protection at the cellular level, promoting normalization of biological functions, suppling energy and supporting an active lifestyle. 

Natural Mineral Zeolite

  • Mineral Zeolite is a biologically active sorbent and natural food supplement. 
  • Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) – is known for its high effectiveness to adsorb low-weight molecules; specifically, radioactive elements and heavy metals that may be a cause of a variety of pathological conditions 
  • Zeolite dietary supplements by MineralMedix adsorb harmful environmental pollutants that may have entered your body with drinking water or food and thus helps you to maintain good health 
  • It is important that Zeolite adsorbs small molecules only, sparing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins – all of which are beneficial and essential nutrients for us 

Inorganic chemical toxins contained in water and digested food could be a cause of toxic conditions such as general intoxication, hypersensitivity to chemicals, immune system weakness, gastrointestinal reactions and other pathological processes. 

Zeolite DX

Health benefits: 

  • The most effective formula to adsorb toxins, heavy metals, radioactive elements, and free radicals that may have entered your body with drinking water or food 
  • Reduces stress-related tiredness 
  • Zeolite Dx is not recommended for a prolonged use since it may adsorb beneficial nutrients in addition to harmful substances 

ZeoDetox – Micronized Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) 

ZeoDetox  is the main component of your detox program — it absorbs and removes environmental contaminants (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, etc.) that may contribute to the onset of many diseases from your body. 

ZeoDetox protects you at a cellular level, promotes normalization of biological functions, supplies you with energy, and supports your active lifestyle. 

It is important to know that heavy metals tend to accumulate in our bodies and may cause substantial harm to our health. Lead is one such contaminant that tends to accumulate in bones and nerve cells. In adults, an increase in blood pressure may occur as a result of the accumulation. People are typically exposed to lead through food, drink, and cigarette smoking. 

Seafood and some types of fish may be contaminated with mercury, and the consumption of such foods might result in increased levels of mercury in many body tissues. High levels of mercury are associated with the impaired function of the nervous, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and reproductive systems. 

Increased levels of cadmium in our environment have been connected to sources such as industrial activities, cigarette smoking, and contaminated food. High levels of cadmium in the body are associated with the onset of bone, kidney, and lung diseases. 



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