Weight Loss Metabolic Balance

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance® is a nutrition program that is based on stabilizing levels of hormones and nutrients in the body.  Body then feels healthy and energized and it does not feel hunger in between meals. The program involves an approach to balance your metabolism so that you can gain and maintain your ideal body weight, and become healthier overall.

The strength of the Metabolic Balance® program is customized and personalized to the nutrition recommendations that are based on blood tests and medical history of every individual. This will increase the specific nutritional needs to be met, which otherwise may not occur when a standard diet plan is followed. 

Metabolic Balance® is made up of two parts.
  1. Each person produces hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy metabolism. For this to happen adequate nutrients are introduced to our diet.
  2. Each person develops an appetite for foods which contains the nutrients it requires. The hard part is to teach yourself to make healthy choices based on positive signals internally, and avoid negative external signals.

 Who should use Metabolic Balance®


    • If you require permanent weight loss while maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle. If you need to lose 10lbs or even 100 lbs Metabolic Balance® will be your long-term solution.
    • If you have tried other diet programs with limited or no success.
    • If suffering from health problems as, Type 2 Diabetes, Rheumatism, Migraine, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue; High Cholesterol, Osteoporosis; Allergies; Skin Disorders, etc.
    • If you just want to feel healthy and happy regardless of your age.